Faq 1 - Is your service secure?

Yes!  We store all data in the UK in protected data centres, we follow industry best practice to ensure your data remains secure.

All card payments are handled by our third party provider, Stripe.  Stripe store and process all of your card details and we never store/see these – Stripe is PCI DSS compliant.

Faq 2 - How much does your service cost?

We charge no ongoing fee’s and a simple low cost charge per prospective employee that we process.

The current fee is £2.50 including VAT per employee process.

You can pay by credit (Mastercard, Visa, American Express) or debit card, you can pay for only 1 credit or pay for more credits to use now or later (credits don’t expire).

Faq 3 - I am an Employer - what exactly is the service and why should I register?

In two easy steps we allow you to:

  1. register as an employer (capturing only basic information such as your email, company name etc)
  2. provide employee basic details (name, email, role etc) and if relevant pay a credit to allow you to use the service.

Your prospective employee with receive an email confirming your details and the role, the email contains a unique link for the candidate.

If the candidate has used our service previously they will be asked to login, if not they will be asked to set a password.

The candidate will then be steered through a series of questions which will determine what right to work evidence is required and allow the candidate to upload/provide evidence.

Once the candidate has completed their steps you will be notified so you can securely login and review the provided information to make the necessary decision.

Faq 4 - I am a candidate - was the email I received a scam?

We provide within the email information relating to the company making the request and also the role you applied for – this should relate to what you were expecting to receive (if not contact the recruiting company immediately).

The link in the email should always point to our website – righttowork.info – if the URL takes you anywhere else DO NOT CLICK and delete the email immediately.

You can always contact the team at RightToWork.info for any support.